Best Motorcycle Jacket Reviews & Guide 2017

Best motorcycle jacket

A motorcycle jacket is essentially a safety gear you wear to protect yourself in case of an accident. They can be warm against cold, cool against hot and a shield against the rain. They can be quite expensive but you should consider them as an essential to ride a bike. Consider it as another essential like the helmet and then you have the answer. If you do end up in an accident you are most likely to lose skin across large parts of your body, along with breaking your bones and suffering organ damages. All you need to survive such extreme cases is to buy best motorcycle motorcycle jacket

If you buy one of the best motorcycle jackets, you will be able to protect yourself from abrasion. Heavier materials and thicker leather are suggested to protect against multiple offs or high-speed crashes. When you more, you get more, that is the general rule of thumb when it comes to buying the best motorcycle jacket.

Now I will talk about some available best motorcycle jacket units to give you an overall better idea.

Viking Cycle Ironborn Jacket ReviewBest motorcycle jacket

This jacket is available in six different sizes. The smallest one starting with an S to the largest one being size XXXL. There are four different colors. One in full black and the other three are black but with patches in the shoulder pads in the colors red, green and gray. This Viking motorcycle jacket is for men who ride motorcycle bikes. There are many attractive features in this biker jacket which make it truly unique. The wearer will feel comfort and safety at the same time. There are many technologies infused together in this jacket such as the Rock Tex 600 and 6 points Sure Fit. There are approved armors on the shoulders and elbows to take on high-speed crashes. Viking is a good brand too.

The jacket is waterproof and so are the zippers. The liners are removable. This is why this jacket can be a three season jacket. It has the SureFit technology that lets the biker make a snug fit in 6 key points of the body. There is ventilation in this jacket to make the wearer breathe and cool down.


  • Removable liners help it make it wearable throughout the seasons.
  • Special features such as phone, hidden etc. pockets make it handy.


  • The middle part of the jacket is little short on the torso.

Pro Street Motocross Jacket Reviewbest motorcycle jacket

This pro street motocross jacket is available with full body armor to protect ones riding in off the road style. You can wear this even on day to day rides, but this will be especially suitable for rugged rides such as sports or racing. These are available in the size XL to 3XL so the jacket will be suitable for someone starting with the height 175 to 200 CM and in the weight zone of 70 to 200 kg. The material is a mixture of PVC, Lycra and high density EVA so it is pretty durable and will be able to protect you in an accident. There are many features in this pro street motocross jacket some of which are protection, flexibility, removable parts etc.

The jacket has removable back and waist armor pads. There is padding on the sides of the jacket to make more protective against crashes and such. The overall comfort of the jacket is very flexible since the armor can move like scale.


  • Heavy material with protecting against skin getting off in crashing in asphalts.
  • The breathable material will make it useable in summer.


  • The sizes are not correct as they run smaller than the US standard.

Pro Mesh Motorcycle Jacket ReviewBest motorcycle jacket

The jacket is available in five different sizes starting from S up to XXXL. It is available in the color white.  Some of the details are in the color black. Overall it has a very sleek look. The pro mesh motorcycle jacket has a double armor system that has external shoulders with elbows armor. There are internal pieces as well in various parts of the body. This jacket has many precautions against the road rashes. This is an all season jacket so you can wear with without worries the year round. The material is durable. The lining is waterproof. There is technology such as SureFit in this jacket to make it more comfortable for the wearer. Also, to know about why you should go for pro mesh, try this guide.

Since safety is one of the prime issues in this pro mesh motorcycle jacket, it has reflective features as well. These reflective tapes will keep the wearer visible in low light conditions and in the night time. The lining of the mesh jacket is waterproof.


  • Removable and waterproof lining.
  • Double armor system for more security.
  • Reflective patches for dark and low light conditions.


  • The pads bleed out when sweating.
  • Sizing is not correct.

Wantdo Men’s Leather Jacket ReviewBest motorcycle jacket

This is a leather jacket but does not feel triggered since it is made with faux leather completely. The leather is actually on the shoulder pads and looks pretty high quality. The material of the outer shell is 100 percent polyester. It is a very sleek looking jacket in my opinion. The jacket has a hood that is removable, which I think is super convenient to use during the winter or cold months. There are many pockets in the jacket, both inside and outside, to keep your many possessions safely tucked away. It is available in five different sizes, starting at S and up to 3XL. It is available in two convenient options, heavy and light, so you can buy the one the best suits the weather you live in.

Despite being faux leather, it is very good in terms of quality. The material will make you look sophisticated as well. Moreover, it is really easy to wash off because of it. Pure leather tends to be high maintenance but you can wash it with mild detergent in the machine or with hand.


  • Good quality material with professional stitching.
  • Many pockets for convenience.


  • The zipper for the removable hood only goes up to the midriff.


This is a biker jacket made with faux leather for extra protection. The premium material is 1.2 to 1.3 mm cowhide leather. There are armors in the elbows, shoulder and back. These armors are made with molded plastic so they will be able to take minor to major crashes. There are 5 pieces of armor in this jacket. They are all removable. There are removable quilted liners as well. Removable liners make the jacket a lot more versatile to use all year round. The zippers are YKK brand with extra strength. There are reflective stripes on the back, sleeves and chest areas of the jacket to make it easily visible in the dark and night times.

Moreover, there are multiple pockets in this jacket to keep your belongings safely inside. There are ventilation zippers in the jacket to keep the belongings safe and secure.


  • Premium faux leather material for heavy and rugged usage.
  • Removable plastic molded armors for extra protection.
  • Removable quilted liners for versatility.
  • YKK zippers.
  • Reflective patches throughout the jacket for increased visibility.


  • Material is too thick to move around comfortably.
  • The collar is very small.

Milano Sports Gamma Motorcycle Jacket ReviewBest motorcycle jacket

This waterproof biker jacket is available in four attractive colors to make the biker more visible in rough roads and in the night times. These are available in sizes starting from Small through 3XL. The manufacturer wants you to know that this sizing is in the European sizing. This means it can fit smaller so you should order at least one size larger. The 2XL and 3XL sizes are in the athletic cut, thus they are not plus size. This jacket has a removable quilted liner. This removability makes the biker jacket very versatile. There are zippered vents on the back and chest areas. This means the jacket is very breathable.

There are armors in this jacket as well for extra protection. The armors are CE approved so you can use them with trust. The armors are in the elbows and the shoulder areas. The wearer can adjust the jacket with the twin Velcro belt in the waist line. There are two external pockets and one internal pocket in this jacket to keep your possessions.


  • Removable quilted liner.
  • Zippered vents in the front and back.
  • CE approved armors in shoulder and elbows.
  • Adjustable twin Velcro belt.


  • The zipper gets stuck to other parts.
  • Pocket lining is weak.

Men Motorcycle MBJ057 Jacket ReviewBest motorcycle jacket

This is a textile jacket in the color black. It has all the positive things that come with a textile biker jacket. The inner quilted liner is polyester made. It is fully removable. This means you can use this jacket comfortably the year round. There have CE approved armors in this jacket as well. The protectors are in the shoulder and elbow areas. These are fully removable as well. The removability makes the jacket versatile. There are foam pads on the back of the jacket. Again, these are removable as well if it is too hot out and you are just out for a casual ride.

There are compression straps on the forearm. These are adjustable to make the jacket fit snugly with your arms. The zippers are very strong as they are made from heavy duty and original material. these zippers will keep the jacket flapping away while you ride against the wind. There are 3M Scotchlite reflective material backings on the back. This feature makes the jacket visible during night time and low light conditions.


  • Removable liners and armor.
  • Removable foam backs.
  • 3M Scotchlite reflective material on the back.


  • The sizing is not correct.

Xelement CF6019 Invasion Motorcycle Jacket ReviewBest motorcycle jacket

This neon green biker jacket was specifically made for those concerned with visibility during night time and low lights. This motorcycle jacket is available in many different sizes from small to 3XL. There are many different technologies in this jacket to make it truly unique and versatile.There is Tri – Tex 600 Denier Mesh chassis in the jacket. There are also resistant panels to work against asphalt in case of hard crashes in high speed. The panels have Tri – Tex 1680 Denier abrasion resistant material. The entire jacket is air vented to make it super useful during the summer heat.

There are level 3 armors in the back, shoulders, and elbows. These are all removable. Note that level 3 armor is the next generation of armor technology. These have passed the highest levels of impact tests. You are basically getting the top of the line jackets in terms of armor safety. There are reflective piping in the front to make you highly visible in the night and low lights.


  • Neon green base with reflective piping for higher visibility.
  • Level 3 armor in 3 areas.
  • Fully air vented jacket.


  • No adjustment straps in wrists.

MILWAUKEE LEATHER Men’s Police Style Jacket ReviewBest motorcycle jacket

This men’s jacket is available in numerous sizes. It starts from an extra small and goes up to 3XL with some numerous numbers in between. The material is premium milled cowhide in the depth 1.2 to 1.3 mm. this is a full sleeved jacket with zip out thermal liner. There is side lace detailing. This makes up for optimal fit with the body. You can adjust it according to your body as well if you want. There are two lower pockets. There is an extra book snap closure pocket as well. All these pockets have zippers to keep your stuff safely tucked away as you fly ahead in style.

This jacket has a retro throwback look to it and if you are going for style, this is the one you want. The police style jacket will fit anyone looking to fulfill the look of a casual and cruising style rider. But keep in mind that this is no protective armors in it. So there is no extra support against hard crashes and high speeds. So do not buy this if your riding style is anything other than a countryside leisure ride. You should know better and only get this for easy riding.


  • Side lace detailing for snug and optimal fit.
  • Retro vibe in the police style design.


  • The sizing is not correct.
  • The smell is fishy.

IDARBI Men’s Premium PU Jacket ReviewBest motorcycle jacket

The premium faux leather jacket comes in five different models to choose from. There are different sizes as well, starting from small to 2Xl. All the five models are black but they are slightly different in designs. There are slight differences in terms of materials as well. Mostly the materials are polyester and polyurethane. These jackets have zipper closure and will be perfect for either the fall or light winter time. There is enough space inside to layer up as the winter progresses. But it will not be suitable for extreme cold, as in anything under the zero degrees. There is a detachable hood as well, to keep you warm when it gets colder. The detachable hood is common for all five models.

There are chest pockets in the jacket, with one inner pocket as well. You can safely keep all your stuff with zipper closures. This USA made jacket is a great product in terms of material and made. But as the brand itself warns, be wary of the sizing and it is off.


  • Premium looking faux leather.
  • Detachable hood for harsh weathers.


  • Rigid and tough shoulders.
  • No armors.

Benefits of The Best Motorcycle Jacket

First and foremost, you should know why you should buy a motorcycle jacket by spending your precious money. Of course, the most common thing that comes to mind is saving your skin from flying away in a hard crash. But you need to know how important that is so that you don’t take this lightly and decide to spend that money on food.


The extra safety that you get from the best motorcycle jackets is the biggest difference from the regular and motorcycle ones. Most motorcycle jackets have armor in them to prevent unwanted impact. The most common parts with armor are the shoulders, elbows and the back. The level of protection can vary from jacket to jacket. Some have layers that can absorb impact whereas some can harden on the impact since they are flexible. Some of them come with hard cup armor for providing with maximum protection. The style of armor varies on different levels, but it mostly comes down to price.

If you are planning to buy one with armor, make sure to check if the pieces sit on the jacket properly. The jacket has to be somewhat snug to the wearer’s body for the armor to work functionally. If you move the armor to where it should not be with your bare hands, know that an impact with the road will hurt you. if your armor moves, you need to move down a size or probably try a different style. Keep in mind that the armor works only when it fits you.

Another thing to keep in mind is the use of reflective material. This becomes a necessity if you plan to ride at night or in the fog. The all black jacket might look very sleek and modern but it is not suitable if you ride at night. It will make that much harder to find you in the dark so choose one with reflective materials. It can be either patches or piping but just make sure it makes you visible. Or you can buy a jacket with light or bright color, they will work as well. Keep in mind to not give anyone else the chance to hit you at night because you are invisible.


Your fit is very important as it plays a big role in how comfortable you are going to be while riding. And of course, the safety is always the first and foremost issue. As I have already mentioned, the best motorcycle jacket should fit as snugly as possible to make the armors useful in a crash. In case of motorcycle jackets, bigger is not better. Your elbow armor needs to be there to protect you. Your shoulder pads can’t be hanging down to your biceps either.

But keep in mind that your best motorcycle jacket should fit you equally well while sitting and standing. Generally, we try on a jacket with standing and our hands hanging on the sides. But when you are riding a motorcycle, your posture is going to be a lot different. Calculate how far you are going to be leaning forward on your bike and give your jacket enough room to still fit your body snugly.

Jacket for Winter

If you want to ride your bike all the year round, you should have the best motorcycle jacket for that purpose. It will keep you dry and warm in the cold months. A good jacket will have heavy insulation to keep your body heat inside. But make sure the liner is easily removable for changes in the weather conditions. Also, make sure the construction is as such so that it keeps the rain out. Most winter jackets go down to the thigh and this makes it perfect for the rainy season as well. you will notice that the summer jackets will mostly go up to your waist.

The winter jacket should seal off any points through which moisture can get in. the particular areas are the neck, the waist, the wrists and the zippers. I will suggest getting a jacket that has an adjustable flap style closure around the collar part. This will keep the water from running down your neck while you ride but at the same will not fit too tight around your neck.

The type of material will matter here as well. The leather is not the best choice for the rainy season, for example. Textiles will be better in that case. And your winter jacket should have waterproof pockets to keep the moisture out.

Jacket for Summer

I know it is easy to just forego the jacket all together in the scorching heat but a t shirt will not save you from injuries. You should pick up the best motorcycle jacket that is made for summer. Mesh jackets are the best for such weathers. They will have the padding and armor as well, without roasting you alive inside the jacket.  A goos mesh jacket will be light weight and comfortable. It will have mesh that is breathable and porous for letting your skin to breathe. You should buy a best motorcycle jacket that lets the body heat out and keeps you cool in the process.

If you live in a place with wet summer, you do not need to buy a winter rain jacket to keep dry. Many summer jackets come with zipping in waterproof liners which you can use for such weather. There are also summer rain jackets available in the market that you can wear over your old jacket. They are light so they will not overheat you. They will keep you and your best motorcycle jacket dry and clean.

Look Cool

And obviously, this is the most important benefit you can get from the best motorcycle jacket. You should find the features you find make you stylish after you have fulfilled the safety and comfort lists. There are many jackets available in the market with different styles. You can shop for look as well as features. Looking cool is something that comes inherently with riding a bike so don’t feel shy to show off. All jackets make you look cooler and you should look for one that suits your style best.

Types of Jackets

There are many but virtually all types of best motorcycle jackets will fall somewhere in these four categories.


The most popular style because people think it makes them look rugged. Leather will never go out of style but keep in mind that it is not the most comfortable during summer.

Advantages of a Leather Jacket


There are a lot of armor in the elbows, shoulders, backs etc. in the leather jackets. They range from foam to CE rated armor. You can choose one based on your level of protection that you need.


This is why a leather jacket is more flexible in the back, waist, sides, and shoulder and in the elbows.

Spandex and Textile

Along the sides and down the inside part of the jacket’s sleeves you will find these. These helps getting that snug fit. It prevents against harsh wind, as well as allows for flexibility with full range of motion for the torso and arms.


It is a must if you live in a warm weather. There are best motorcycle jackets with either full body perforation or specific key areas. There are zipper closable vents as well which work well in multiple seasons.


Liners can be removable and they are very versatile for riding in the cold and wet weathers. It can be zipped or buttoned to get a nice and snug fit. This will also decrease the cold wind to get to your body.


These are the most versatile types. They are light weight as they have mesh. They will keep you cool in the summer heat. There is rain and wind proof textile jackets as well, which will keep you dry and cool all the year round.

Advantages of a Textile Jacket


Because they are made with mesh and other types of woven materials, they are often a lot more light weight compared to the other types, especially leather jackets.


Some textile jackets can be expensive but they are less expensive compared to the leather jackets having similar features.

Off the Road

If you are the adventurous type and like to venture out of the city streets, you will need a special jacket. It should be tough and durable to take on the dirt, rocks, trees etc. This type will cover you from those obstacles.


If the weather is not as warm where you live, this can be a great option. These types of jackets can combat both in the rainy and cold weathers.

Things to Consider When Buying

Now that you know what benefits there are and why you should get the best motorcycle jacket, here is a buying guide.

Match your Riding Style

First, choose your jacket that goes with your riding style. Read on to find out how.

Classic Style

This is a heavy weight jacket generally made with leather that most people think of when you mention the words motorcycle jacket. This will be a snug fitted jacket with large and folded collars, slanted and off center zipper with many pockets. These jackets will have puffed out shoulders with pads.

Cruising Style

It is a casual style jacket with a laid back riding style. If you want to ride on the country side on breezy and comfortable days then you should get this style. The most important feature of this jacket is the Oxford collar. The design has a large and folded snap down collar. There are some types which have frills as well. There are belted versions as well with decorative braids.

Touring Style

These types of best motorcycle jackets are the most versatile. These are specifically designed for people who likes to bike for longer hours in all sorts of weathers. These jackets have comfort, flexibility, and protection all at once. They are generally three-quarter long to cover the rider’s lower back. There is removable cold weather lining in them. They are roomy to make space for extra layers in case of harsh weathers. They have a mandarin collar with adjustable straps on the cuffs, waist and arms for a snug fit.

Off the Road Style

These best motorcycle jackets are made with either nylon or other types of manmade fibers. So they are lightweight and waterproof. There are body armors in the jackets to give extra protection. Most have built-in or removable hard armor in the shoulder and elbows. You should get one with zipper flaps and sealed seams to prevent the moisture getting inside. On the other side, it is important that your body moisture gets out since this type of riding is physically demanding. So these jackets should have effective ventilation.

Racing Style

These best motorcycle jackets are the close fit and made with leather. They come in bright colors to attract attention. These are perforated with sieve like holes to keep the rider cool and dry. Racing style jackets need to protect the skin and bones in case of a high-speed crash. These jackets can slide easily on asphalt or dirt without tearing the skin off. These sometimes have plastic back protectors as well. These will protect the spine from hard falls and fly off.

After you have decided your riding style, you can buy the best motorcycle jacket that best suits you.

Number of Parts

There can be either one piece or two pieces suits.

One Piece Suit

This is a full body protection suit that fits snugly with the body. This will not flap around while you ride at full speed. You can buy a one piece suit if you like to sail on the freeway.

Two Pieces Suit

This is a combination of a jacket and pants. If you want to have flexible rides, you can get these. For example, when taking a casual ride, you can only wear the jacket and wear normal pants. This also gives you chance to take off your jacket and wear a regular suit when you reach your work place. But if you want to go for a off the road ride, then you can wear the full suit for maximum impact. Moreover, these suits have more options to keep your things since they have many pockets.

Choose the Material

You can choose from different types of materials as I have already mentioned earlier. Leather and textile differ greatly from one another and they each have certain advantages as well as shortcomings. You will benefit a lot from experienced bikers if you want to figure out exactly which one will suit you best.

The Model’s Age

In terms of best motorcycle jackets, the age of the jacket’s model is important. The newer models have more features than before with more safety concerns. It is likely that newer brands have passed through more safety tests than the older ones. This can mean the outer shell, as well as the padding, might have improved in the newer brands.


The color is important to ensure safety in best motorcycle jackets. Most riders tend to have the same favorite color black. But it is not advisable to get a black jacket in night time and low light conditions. You should go for one that has bright and reflective colors. There are jackets in bright orange and yellow, along with reflective patches. These patches will glow when other riders or cars’ lights shine on you. This is what ensures visibility and safety for you.

Well Made

The best motorcycle jacket needs to have a good construction for comfort as well as safety. Look for the seams and zippers to have a well-made jacket.


The seams of a jacket should always be on the inside. This will ensure that they don’t cause abrasion in case of a crash. Leather jackets should have lesser seams as more seams will compromise the stability of leather. The back and chest area should be made with one piece of material rather than smaller pieces sewn together.


These can be made with either metal or plastic. Zippers should be easy and quick to open and close. The zippers should have a flap of fabric over them so that they don’t make extra trouble in a crash. Coverings are also great for offering extra protection against moisture.


This should always come in your buying decision since your ride needs to be smooth. These are some of the things to consider.


Leather jackets are heavier than textile ones or woven ones. If you want more comfort and are into cruising style riding, you can get the light weight ones.


Leather jackets have fewer pockets than nonleather ones. Consider what type of things you take with you while riding. If you need more pockets, a textile one should be your option. It is always better to have at least one inside pocket to keep your wallet safe. Make sure the other pockets are easy to open and close. Vertical pockets with hook and loop cover flaps are the best types of pockets. Your stuff will not likely fall off from vertical pockets in case you forget to close them off. Slanted pockets, on the other hand, should be shut all the time. These pockets are good to keep knife and sunglasses. Keep in mind that waterproof pockets are always a bonus. Wind proof zippers are also good to have.

Protection from Rain

Leather has to have a special membrane over it to make it waterproof. Otherwise it will absorb the moisture in and make it even heavier. Your comfort will hugely impact in that case. Textile best motorcycle jackets don’t let the moisture in if they are waterproof. These types of jackets often have waterproof inside.


Best motorcycle jackets with removable linings are the most versatile. A zip out lining will make your jacket versatile enough to use the year round.


Vents in the underarms and shoulders will help you cool down in the hot weather. This will increase the jacket’s versatility as well.


Leather jackets can overheat in the summer heat so it is not suitable then. They are not very breathable either. Textile jackets, on the other hand, have different lining materials to make them more breathable. These jackets help you keep warm in the winter months as well. You can get a jacket with removable liner to make it useable in the summer months as well.


Final Words

That was our guide of the best motorcycle jacket units. There are many types of best motorcycle jackets and finding one that best suits you can seem daunting. Try to narrow down your options by choosing which style suits you best. Also pinpoint exactly what type of material and features you want. With effective research and purpose, you will be able to find your best motorcycle jacket.