IDARBI Men’s Premium PU Faux Leather Moto Biker Jacket

Idarbi premium leather jacket

The Idarbi premium leather jacket comes in five different models to choose from. You will notice in the photos that all five are black but slightly different in designs. There are slight differences in terms of materials as well. but mostly they are made with polyester and polyurethane materials. These jackets have zipper closure and will be perfect for the fall or winter time. There is enough space inside to layer up as the winter progresses. There is a detachable hood as well, to keep you warm when it gets colder.

There are chest pockets in the Idarbi premium leather jacket, with one inner pocket as well. it is made with premium PU faux leather so do not feel worried about the environment and animal rights. This USA made jacket is a great product but be wary of the sizes, as the brand itself warns.
Idarbi premium leather jacket

Idarbi Premium Leather Jacket Review

Now I will talk about the features in some more detail so that you can get the clear picture of what you are getting if you choose to make the purchase.

Premium Shell

The outer shell of the Idarbi premium leather jacket is 100 percent polyurethane. It is premium quality PU faux leather. Since it is faux, you are saving the environment, as well as making your own life easier. Faux leather does not have all the hassles to take care of as pure leather so you can wear it with more freedom. You don’t need to feel worried about getting spills on it and getting it stained forever. All in all, the premium quality PU leather is a great alternative in my opinion to leather. It is a lot cheaper, friendlier and hassles free compared to the pure version. So far this has been the chicest looking faux leather material I have ever owned.

Detachable Hood

The Idarbi leather jacket has a detachable hood which you can conveniently attach or detach. If you are feeling cold, you can attach the hood to save yourself from the harsh wind. I believe this will come handy while biking as well. But if you are using it in the fall then chances are it has not gotten that cold yet. In that case, it is okay to detach it for future use. What I like most about this feature is having the option to choose from. In a way it makes me feel I am customizing my clothing item to some extent, even though I bought it readymade from the store.

You can use the detachable hood as a fashion statement as well. Say for example you have been using the same exact jacket all the year round but all of a sudden you get an invitation to a party. Just attach the hood or vise verse and it is like you instantly got a new jacket.


There are four chest pockets at the front of the Idarbi premium leather jacket to keep your belongings safe. There are zipper closures on these pockets so you do not need to worry about your things flying off when you are riding at top speed. What I like the most is the inner pocket. It lets me keep my wallet and house keys safe and sound. I like having many pockets in my clothing and this jacket has only five. I can’t really complain about it though as so far they have served their purpose quite nicely.

Easy Washing

Since the jacket is made with premium PU faux leather, washing it is really easy. The manufacturer’s advice is to send it to the professionals. The instruction is to wet clean it in the very mild process.

Other Features

There are some other features which might seem negligible but actually come in handy in real life. For example, the wrist fastened is adjustable. True, it adjusts to either slightly loose or slightly tight for me but I think it is only me. There is a neck strap to keep the jacket firm and crisp.

Other than that I like that the material is light enough to wear a shirt or two underneath. It does not make me feel stuffy. As the weather gets colder, it is possible to add in more layers to adjust to the cold.

Now I will talk about some pros and cons to make the Idarbi premium leather jacket more presentable to you.


  • Premium looking faux leather to give a sleek look.
  • Detachable hood for changing weathers.
  • Easy to wash material.
  • Hassle and fuss free material.
  • Soft and fluffy lining.
  • Very affordable.


  • Front zipper is sticky.
  • Rigid and tough shoulders.
  • No armor so not suitable for rugged bike riding or other sports.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Are there any inside pockets in this jacket?

A: Yes, there is one.

Q: Is this jacket slim fit?

A: Yes.

Q: How do I know my size?

A: Go for a size up than your usual size.

Q: Is this jacket warm enough for temperature under zero degrees?

A: No, it is more like a fall jacket as the thickness is like a windbreaker’s.

Q: Does this jacket look cheap?

A: Not at all. In fact, it is one of the nicest looking jackets I have ever owned.

Final Words

Overall, considering the price it comes at along with all the features, I think the Idarbi premium leather jacket was a sure hit buy for me. I have been using it for the last six months and I am yet to find a major negative issue. I will recommend this jacket to anyone who is looking for a year round jacket. I like having the option of layering as the colder months creep in so it is a win for me. I will however not recommend wearing this to avoid accidents since there is no armor. It is not suitable for people living in extreme cold weathers either. All in all, I was happy with my purchase.

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