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This pro street motocross jacket is available with full body armor to protect ones riding motorcycles. You can wear this even on day to day rides, but this will be especially suitable for rugged rides such as sports or racing. These are available in the size XL to 3XL so the jacket will be suitable for someone starting with the height 175 to 200 CM and in the weight zone of 70 to 200 kg. The material is made with PVC, Lycra and high density EVA so it is pretty durable and will be able to protect you in an accident. There are many features in this pro street motocross jacket some of which are protection, removable parts etc.

The review will now talk about the pro street motocross jacket in some more detail in terms of the features to make it clearer for you.
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Pro Street Motocross Jacket Review

This jacket is loaded with a number of noticeable features and I will point them down one by one, stating their pros and cons as I go by.

Various Sizes

Even though the pro street motocross jacket is only available in three sizes, XL, 2XL and 3XL, it certainly covers a lot of body shapes and sizes. For example, the XL size will fit people in the 175-180CM height with 70-80 Kg weight while the largest size, meaning the 3XL with fit up to people in the height range of 200 CM and weight range of 200 Kg. so people in the plus sizes can easily benefit from this jacket. The thing is, it is hard to find a suitable jacket or any clothing item for you if you are in the plus size zone.

I find it super convenient as I myself weight a lot more than the average person so it is easier and convenient for me. Before I found this jacket, it was hard for me to get one that fitted properly. Most of the times I used to keep the zipper open or otherwise felt suffocated. So it bothered me in the winter while riding. Now I can finally fit in this jacket and feel at ease.

Durable Material

The material of the pro street motocross jacket feels and looks pretty durable. It is made with the mixture of a couple of materials as the protector part goes on top of the front side of the jacket. The jacket has PVC, Lycra fabric along with a high density PVA material. The scale back protection part is made with high quality Nylon. The material will be safe during accidents because of the durability and the texture. It is pretty dense so it will not leak during the heavy thrashing. So this will in turn protect your skin against the asphalt or whatever ground you fell down in. this pro street motocross jacket is applicable in motorcycle riding, cross county cycling as well as other outdoor sports, which is why it is so durable against accidents.


The pro street motocross jacket uses the draping technique that not only makes it safer but also makes the jacket protective against accidents and emergencies to cover up the important parts of the body. What is even more suitable is that it is very comfortable and breathable to wear in any season. Even in the scorching summer heat, you will be able to protect yourself comfortably thanks to this convenient feature.

Plus the jacket has the removable back and waist armor which you can attach or detach as you find suitable. They are all high quality material so you do not need to worry about your protection. There are thickening pads on the sides of the waist for protection. It will help in protecting the whole body, in case such an unfortunate event occurs.


The armor parts are in ergonomics design so that you can move them easily without it ever being uncomfortable for you. The jacket’s armors can move like scale to highly improve your convenience and posture while riding. The chest or front area has large compression pads with a breathable net to protect the shoulder, elbows, chest, back as well as some other important parts of the body. This overall ensures that the motorcycling part is very much safe and comfortable at the same time. You can even adjust the belts according to your fit to make it more comfortable. The nylon belts have high elastic and adjustable Velcro to adjust a suitable length of the strap.

Now I will talk about some of the pros and cons of the pro street motocross jacket so that you get a better understanding of what the jacket entails.


  • Durable and heavy made material to protect against accidents.
  • Breathable material to make it highly useable.
  • Safe and protective armors to make the wearer comfortable and protected at all times.


  • Be wary of the sizes as they run smaller than the standard US sizes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is the jacket made with hard or mesh?

A: It is a combination of both. The hard part is there to protect the important or key points of your body. The mesh part is there to keep you cool.

Q: Will this fit a female body?

A: Yes of course because this is a unisex product.

Q: Is this abrasion proof?

A: Not exactly, but it will definitely protect in dirt biking races. I will not recommend doing so in roads, though.

Final Words

The pro street motocross jacket is one great buy for me, largely for the way it fits me perfectly. I have seen many people complaining about the size but the main thing is to go larger. Moreover, I like all the features and I like wearing this in both cold and less cold months. I don’t do any bike sports so I don’t know how this will stand against those circumstances but for a day to day commuter with the bike, this works great. For me, this is a surely a recommended product.

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