Viking Cycle Ironborn Motorcycle Textile Jacket Review

Viking motorcycle jacket

This waterproof jacket specializes in safety and control issues to make sure that the wearer’s ultimate safety needs are met. This Viking motorcycle jacket is for men who ride motorcycle bikes. There are many attractive features in this biker jacket which make it truly unique. The wearer will feel comfort and safety at the same time. There are many technologies infused together in this jacket such as the Rock Tex 600 and 6 points Sure Fit. The Viking Motorcycle jacket has approved armors on the shoulders and elbows to make emergencies run smoothly. There are also other such features which I will cover in the following review.

This jacket is available in six different sizes, starting from an S up to the size XXXL. There are four different colors. One in full black and the other three are black but with patches in the shoulder pads in the colors green, red and gray.
Viking motorcycle jacket

Viking Motorcycle Jacket Review

There are many features in this biking jacket which make a great purchase. I will try to describe them a little better from a user’s perspective.


The outer shell of the Viking motorcycle jacket is made with waterproof Rock Tex™ 600 material that makes it waterproof against water and sweat. So even if you are wearing this jacket for safety during the summer months, you know your jacket will not damage from your sweat. Similarly, this is going to be great during the rainy season as well. Just wear your jacket with style and you are good to go to ride your bike. In addition, the zippers are waterproof as well. These zippers will be easy to grab onto even when they are wet. The waterproof ability mainly makes this a true 3 season jacket as in for summer, monsoon, and winter.

Custom Adjustment

That’s right, even if it is a store bought a readymade item, this Viking motorcycle jacket has the 6 Point Sure Fit™ technology to make it fit your body. The 6 point means you can adjust the jacket according to your body shape in 6 key points. There are adjustable belt straps as well. You can adjust these straps to make them more comfortable for you.

Ventilation System

This Viking motorcycle jacket has another new technology that is the ventilation system to make you cool during the scorching summer heat. The unique ventilation system comfortably allows the cool air in and pushes the hot air out. You will feel cozy and comfortable inside even if everything is burning up at one of those typical summer afternoons.

Removable Portions

Yes, this jacket has many removable parts. There is C.E. approved armor in the shoulder pads and elbows which will give you extra support if you are in for a rugged ride. If you are going about your daily business, you can easily remove these. There is full sleeve liner that is also removable. moreover, there is removable spine armor with pockets for options C.E. spine protector. As I have mentioned earlier, this Viking motorcycle jacket is clearly apt in providing you the safety.


The C.E. approval itself is the indication that this Viking motorcycle jacket indeed is a safe and secure product. The C.E. means that it had to pass all the highest impact tests. To make it safe during the night time, there are reflective stripes on the jacket.

Special Features

Special features make a product one of a kind and help it stand out among the numerous competitors. For this Viking motorcycle jacket, the special features are many. The jacket has a convenient quick access mobile phone pocket, one hidden pocket, a knife as well as a sunglass pocket. The quick access mobile phone pocket lets you grab your phone when you make a quick stop while you are riding. There is a head phone system with the jacket as well to help you push your headphones from the phone pocket through the jacket’s collar and into your ears. Just imagine how convenient that is and I personally love how much easier it makes my life. It is obvious from these small but important features that a lot of thoughts went in this jacket to make it more versatile.

Now I will list down some pros and cons of the Viking motorcycle jacket to give you a better overview.


  • Made with waterproof material and zippers.
  • Made with adjustable 6 points sure fit technology.
  • Removable liners, straps etc. make everything more customizable.
  • Special features such as phone, hidden etc. pockets make it handy.


  • Too hot for 65 degrees and up.
  • The middle part is little short on the torso.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Are these air vents in this jacket to keep it cool during the summer?

A: Yes, there are 4 such vents, 2 on the chest and 2 on the sleeves.

Q: What kind of back protectors does this jacket have?

A: There are removable dense foam protectors everywhere in this jacket, including in the spine area.

Q: Are the armors included with the jacket?

A: Yes, there are armors in the spine, shoulder and the elbow areas.

Q: Does the front or chest area have foam as well?

A: No.

Q: What is the shipping weight?

A: Around 4.1 pounds.

Q: Is it an all weather jacket?

A: Pretty much. But I would like to add that anything above 65 degrees will be too hot.

Final Words

The Viking motorcycle jacket comes in many colors with many common and not so common features which make it a unique one. I will recommend this since it is a pretty affordable purchase and quality you get for it is well worth the price in my opinion. I think this jacket is great for riders who like to ride during all seasons. All in all, this will make their ride more enjoyable, as well as safer. I believe this Viking motorcycle jacket will last me a long time as well since it feels and looks pretty durable as well.

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