Wantdo Men’s Leather Jacket Review

Wantdo leather jacket

This Wantdo leather jacket is made with faux leather so do not feel triggered if you are in the animal’s side. It is actually made with 100 percent polyester but you will not be able to tell from the looks of it. It is a very sleek looking jacket in my opinion. The jacket has a hood that is removable, which I think is super convenient to use during the winter or cold months. There are many pockets in the jacket, both inside and outside, to keep your many possessions safely tucked away. It is available in five different sizes, starting at S and up to 3XL. It is available in two convenient options, heavy and light, so you can buy both for all the year round usage.
Wantdo leather jacket

Wantdo Leather Jacket Review

This jacket has many features in it. I am going to talk about those features in some detail here so that you can make a better purchasing decision.


This has many pockets. I personally like as many pockets as possible because I like to carry a lot of stuff with me. There is one inner pocket, to keep your wallet secure. There are two breast pockets to keep your necessities such as mobile phones, chargers, USB cables and what not. These breast pockets have vintage looking zipper closures with rivet touch. There are also two slant pockets on the sides which if you are not using for keeping stuff, you can use for keeping your hands warm. I love pockets in my clothes and I just feel very comfortable in keeping my hands warm and toasty. If you are like me then I can bet that you will like this Wantdo leather jacket.

Removable Hood

This is one feature that I find to be genuinely unique. I have never owned any other jackets with a removable hood. I really like having hoods with my jackets since I like to portray that edgy look. But at the same time it might not be cold enough for a hood. Moreover, having it hang behind can kill off the whole edgy look you are going for. This is like the answer from the clothing gods. This removable hood has drawstrings as well so when it is exceptionally cold out you can save your ears from turning red.


The Wantdo leather jacket’s material is 100 percent polyester so it is environment-friendly. The lining is faux leather lining. The polyester along with faux leather makes the whole thing very durable. Also, because of these materials, it is very easy to take care of. Unlike real leather, it does not need to be taken to the dry cleaners and then stored in some special containers. So when you make this purchase, you are not only helping out with the poaching trend but also signing yourself off from the constant hassle of owning a pure leather product.

Easy Cleaning

As I have mentioned in the previous paragraph, because of the materials, it is very easy to wash this jacket. You can either use your hands or your machine. The brand recommends hand washing it gently with only water or some mild laundry detergent. If you want to, you can wash it in the machine as well but make sure it is on the gentle cycle. Afterward you can let it dry naturally and it will be as good as new.

Good Quality

Right as I got this Wantdo leather jacket out of the packaging, I knew I had a quality product. You would think the same if you were me. The overall look of the leather jacket is very sleek and modern looking. The brand was trying to portray the retro and classic look and I believe they have achieved that. The faux leather looks like it is of very good quality. Same goes for all the stitches. All the lines were smooth and clear with no loops or stitches sticking out. The zippers are of high quality as well with rivet touch and vintage vibe. The cuffs and hems are rib knit. The color is very nice and looks true to the picture. Overall, in terms of quality, the Wantdo leather jackets passes with flying colors.

Now it is time to list down some of the pros and cons of the Wantdo leather jacket to make you more knowledgeable about this product.


  • Removable jacket to make it more trendy or useful in changing weathers.
  • Light and heavy options for people with different needs.
  • Good quality material with professional stitching.
  • Many pockets for convenience.


  • The zipper for the removable hood only goes up to midriff.
  • The sizing is not correct, even though they claim to be US standard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is this a slim fit jacket?

A: Yes.

Q: Can I return this if I get the wrong size?

A: Yes, and it is hassle free.

Q: Is the jacket waterproof?

A: Yes.

Q: What are the differences between the heavy and light options?

A: The heavy ones have thicker padding on the inside. It has more cushion to make it warmer. The light option is considerably thinner and is more like a spring jacket.

Q: Can I use it as a motorcycle jacket?

A: Yes of course. But there is no protection so keep that in mind.

Final Words

The Wantdo leather jacket is a great option for people who are looking for a lightweight or heavy jacket all the year round. Due to the two available options, you can make your choice easily. The removable hood option is a great addition too. I will recommend this jacket to anyone looking for a stylish and comfortable wear. I personally like my jacket a lot. Regarding the size, I will recommend to size up since many people have complained about it. Even if you do end up getting the wrong size, know that the return and exchange option is pretty hassled free so don’t worry.

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